For service-based business owners hungry for unreasonable results


Your gateway to industry disruption, competitor domination, and more revenue, recognition, and respect than you can twerk your tail feather at.



Open resistance. Bold disobedience.

When you’ve spent your whole life playing by someone else’s rules, the way out isn’t to break them. It’s to play a whole new game entirely.

That’s the only game we play around here. And I expect you to lose. (You’ll understand why when you get to know me better). 

Hey there, fiercely ambitious service provider with a relentless desire to be the best.

You radiate audacity...

Welcome home.

You’ve got skills so sharp they could cut diamonds. You want the world to know it — and clients to pay handsomely + happily for them.
You’re ferociously committed to going after what you want, getting it, and apologising to absolutely nobody for it.
You want taking risks to feel as necessary as eating. (Your favourite thing to eat? The competition. Though you also have a taste for danger.)

You want to be a wildly in-demand service provider who commands

remarkable amounts of



and respect,

and will stop at (almost) nothing to have it all.

You’re in THE place.

I’m Coach Kym, the original Defiant Coach, former head private coach at Book Yourself Solid®, and the expert at turning stealth into wealth. 

As a professional dancer + choreographer and sponsored Nike athlete turned brand consultant for household names and award-winning business owner, I know what it takes to make bold decisions that surprise people, break barriers built to keep people like me out, and achieve colossal goals against all the odds.

I know what it takes to win, even when it seems impossible. Now I channel all of this unique experience into my high-performance coaching, so that no service-based business owner ever has to feel like they’re falling short of their potential again.

I’ll show you how to walk towards the fire without getting burned. How?

By showing you that you ARE the fire. And you’re about to set your industry ABLAZE.

Welcome to my Power House.

Take a seat, make yourself uncomfortable.

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