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The fastest way to get to me is to fill out the form below. While you’re here, be sure to scroll down and check out the frequently asked questions, the answer you’re looking for might already be there.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll allow it 😉 Bonus points if you crack a smile out of me. Find me at he*@co******.com. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Didn’t you hear we’re defiant round here? Instead of having you hand over your email address in return for a free thing you’ll never use and then hammering your inbox with messages, I have something I call my Top2K. 

Top2K is a free, email-based, application-only business powerup program. I send exclusive, actionable content and free resources to everyone in my Top2K to help them smash the next chapter of their business journey. (I also keep a sneaky eye on whether or not you’re reading and using what I’m sending — this isn’t a one-way communication channel, so expect to be in conversation with me!)

You’ll be automatically invited to join Top2K if you’ve purchased a Defiant Strategy, enrolled in the Defiant Mentorship, or you’re on one of my coaching programs. If you’ve taken The Defiant Business Masterclass (and I highly recommend you do!), then you’ll also know how to get fast-tracked into the Top2K gang.

Thanks for thinking of me! Before I say yes, it’s important that we vibe and I can offer phenomenal value to your audience. For that reason, I ask that you send me a few details through this speaker request form, and I’ll let you know if I think we can make magic together. If you are representing a major media outlet looking to do an interview at short notice, please email me at he*@co******.com, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

No, I no longer take on marketing or sales projects. It’s way more fun teaching and coaching others to do it for themselves in a way that makes their heart dance on the ceiling. Oh wait, ceilings don’t exist in my world 😉

If you’re just getting started, the perfect place to go is the Defiant Strategy Library. If you’re looking for private coaching, head over here.

That depends on who’s askin’?! While you might find me on a TV channel near you throwing a few shapes, my pro-dancing days are behind me. My focus now revolves around coaching ambitious service-based business owners to get booked out with deep-pocketed clients they’re obsessed with. Consider me a business choreographer. My clients are the ones making the fierce moves now. Want to become one?