High-Performance Private Coaching with Coach Kym

Fill your roster with “hell yes” clients, charge industry-leader rates, and grow a stellar reputation — all while winning your freedom back

In 90 days, this can become your new normal:


Deep-pocketed “OMG” level clients who respect you + your work, pay what you ask without skipping a beat, and refer you like you’re the hottest property in town (because you are)


Thanks to a custom financial stability system designed to generate more money than you need month after month (along with the peace of mind that money can’t buy)


Higher rates take you off the cashflow rollercoaster and allow you to enjoy laptop-free evenings, be present at family dinners, and go on that holiday you’ve still got open on your browser


Yes, you definitely deserve it

Let’s cut right to the chase because that’s how we do things around here.

You’re a fiercely-ambitious, high-achieving service-based business owner with skills and expertise so hot you wake up every morning with a fire under your backside. You know what you want — and you’ll do what it takes to get it.

You’ve already worked with some epic clients who you delivered outstanding results to, and you’re making a good living. 

But that’s nowhere near enough.

You want to make a fabulous living, and have a freedom-drenched lifestyle to go with it. 

One that has more white space, fewer unnecessary meetings, and is built around what you actually want to do rather than what you think you should be doing. (I know, it’s harder than it seems, especially as a high-performer who’s always looking to accomplish the next goal as fast as humanly possible.)

You want to be known as the gold standard of your industry. 

The name on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s minds.

The one the highest-calibre clients desire to hire — and then rave about afterwards.

The person who can charge whatever they want. (Yes, even that amount.)

The person who isn’t afraid to hear the word “no” but becomes accustomed to hearing the word “yes” even in response to the boldest of asks.

You get such a delicious rush from taking action towards your goals and making moves in your business. 

The problem is you’re not sure exactly which moves to make and when to make them in order to hit your grander goals.

And that means smashing through your next level of success is taking longer than you’re available for.

You’re wicked smart, incredibly driven, and undeniably brilliant at what you do. But you’re also hella impatient and sick of feeling like a best-kept secret. 

Which is exactly why you want to partner with an elite coach to expedite the results you already know are inevitable. 

Even best-kept secrets need a secret weapon…

You want to be seen as The One in your industry? Well, I’m The One in mine. 

If we haven’t met yet, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kymberlee Medina a.k.a. Coach Kym, and former leading private coach for Book Yourself Solid. I used to be a version of you. That’s how I know you want (and deserve) to:

Earn more


 from your industry (and beyond)

Earn more


for your razor sharp skills and enviable expertise

Earn more


for the results you get for your clients

100% achievable when you have the right mindset and strategy.

(Hey, you’ve got the mindset, I’ve got the strategy.)​

As a former dancer + choreographer, Nike Athlete, global brand consultant, and award-winning business owner, I know what it takes to win big, in style. My killer combination of consulting experience, business-building expertise, practical advice, and actionable strategies means you can build a wildly profitable and comfortably sustainable business much faster than you think. 

I fought my way up through the cutthroat entertainment industry as a professional dancer and even became the first sponsored Nike Athlete to represent dance. I’ve used those years of experience to become an award-winning entrepreneur and elite business coach, where I’ve both consulted for household names and coached small business owners across a variety of industries. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned (and I’ve learned a metric ton over the past decade of being in business) it’s this:

Filling your roster with deep-pocketed, hell-yes clients and achieving unbelievable results in an unreasonably short amount of time isn’t for the lucky ones. 

It’s for the ones who take scrappy yet strategic action that makes it impossible not to hit ambitious goals, over and over. 

There are two reasons why I’ve made a wild success of being a consultant to big brands and business coach to small yet mighty business owners.


I do the bold and often uncomfortable work that’s required to go big and win big. And I only work with clients with the same quality.


I don’t talk big game, I run the damn game. I’m exceptional at what I do, which is why my clients see exceptional results.

Nope, I’m not modest about my achievements, and I can help you develop the same level of unapologetic confidence in yours.

“It’s as if I’ve stepped into this new, expanded, and upgraded version of myself.”

Working with Coach Kym as a private client has been life-changing.  I’ve been disappointed by coaches who were paid very well by me in the past, but Kym’s the real deal. As a result, my confidence has grown tremendously – It’s as if I’ve stepped into this new, expanded, and upgraded version of myself.

Let’s be clear, working with Coach Kym is an investment. She’s not “competitive” in price, nor should she be. I would only recommend Coach Kym to determined individuals who genuinely want and are committed to measurable change, growth, and transformation.  I can categorically say that working with Coach Kym is worth every penny.

Catherine Hunt – Ex FBI Special Agent + The Confidant Advisor – confidantadvisor.com

Exceptional clients, cashflow, and credibility don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who move.

And you’re ready to move on up and create unreasonable results with the support of a first-class private coach.

When we partner up, here’s how your world is going to change.

No more working yourself to the bone with “busy work”
doing #allthethings but having little tangible growth to show for it.

No more taking on the wrong kinds of clients
at rates that don’t reflect the results you provide and mean you’re working more hours than you want to be. 

No more resisting the big moves
that are actually going to make a difference thanks to indecision (caused by a lack of space in your schedule) and doubt (caused by a lack of belief in your true abilities).

No more settling for anything less than
the recognition, respect, and reward that you were born to receive. 

Build a profitable + sustainable business you’re phenomenally proud of
One that stands the test of time and gives you both a stable income and delicious freedom.

Get booked out with the perfect number of perfect-fit clients 
Clients you’re jazzed to work with because they respect you, pay without blinking, and because you don’t take on too many of them (your expertise is exclusive now) 

Bravely move the needle every damn day
With a clear and blood-pumpingly exciting plan of action tailor-made for you and the way you want to show up.

Comfortably put yourself in uncomfortable rooms
And own your expertise so unapologetically that people are thinking: Who is that? I want whatever they’re drinking… and I want to hire them.

Boldly pitch for pinch-me projects
And let your contagious confidence earn you wild respect, higher rates, and a killer reputation that ruffles the feathers of your competitors. 

Market and sell the most impressive of yourself like a natural
Because you believe so powerfully in the immense value you bring to the table simply by turning up.

Become enviably visible on a grander scale
And let your decisiveness and determination take you from relative unknown to wildly in-demand. 

Become The One in your industry  
Through building rock-solid relationships and winning jaw-dropping opportunities that send your credibility soaring.

The Defiant Coach Approach is no gimmick. 

It’s a lethal blend of building audacity, relationships, and systems. It’s proven itself thousands of times over. 

This means it’s not only wildly effective, it’s timeless. 

Master my reputable system and you’ll never struggle to get epic and enviable clients again.

“All in all, this process has been a game-changer.”

I can trust Coach Kym (and her unique process) to help me make the right decisions and take the right actions. I made a leap of faith signing with Kym as a client, and it worked – this is the best I’ve ever gotten to addressing the corporate B2B market without looking like another generic training company. Now, my brand and business model represent me entirely, and I’ve introduced five-figure offers that sold within a week of launch. 

I appreciate Coach Kym rolling up her sleeves and being firm about what I needed to do to position myself and my business correctly to get the clients I wanted. All in all, this process has been a game-changer.

Gautham Deviah – Corporate Leadership Trainer + Founder of Wellbeing Canvas, LLC – gauthamdeviah.com

You’re in the market for elite private coaching for one or more of the following reasons…

You’re making decent money from your business already but you’re not working with the right kinds of clients, you’re doing too much for not enough growth, and you know it’s not sustainable 

You’re at the point where your desires to hit your massive goals are burning, but you’re already at capacity. You want to hit those goals working only with drop-dead-dreamy clients who pay handsomely — and have space in your calendar to enjoy the incredible LIFE you’re working so hard to create for you and your family. 

There’s a way to create consistent unreasonable results without losing yourself in the process. It definitely requires work… but when you’re focused on taking the *right* actions in the *right* places at the *right* times, it doesn’t have to feel like you’re drowning in busy work. Burnout is not a badge of honour, and when you figure out how to make moolah predictably and sustainably, you can switch off while your business stays on. 

You have an idea of what’s working and what’s not working in your business but you want a strategic partner to help you streamline and optimise your action taking

Your finger is on the pulse of your industry and you do your best to be adaptable, but you’d love an expert who’s already done all the experimentation to point out blindspots and opportunities that will help you become wildly in-demand, like, yesterday. 

You want to be such a strategic ninja that you know exactly how to position yourself so that your audience (those OMG clients) can’t help but choose you, pay you exceptionally well, and refer you to everyone they know.

You dream of exponential growth and you while you know you’re capable of achieving all your wild goals, you also know private coaching is the fast-track and you’re ready to GO

You’re a rare breed. Your goals are so big they would scare people. You want to be in the company of a coach who not only understands your ambition, but raises it even further. Because you’re capable of even more than you can imagine right now. 

By my side, your growth is guaranteed. No coach-for-hire has a better system for getting booked out with clients you love working with and who pay you well than me. Together we’ll focus on both strategy and speed, so that you know exactly how to accelerate your path to remarkable recognition, respect, and reward.

“It feels like major growth.”

Coach Kym pushes me to ask difficult questions; honestly, it feels like major growth. As a result, I’ve become more precise in directing my team for the business and the brand. 

I would recommend every business owner make it a priority to reconnect with Coach Kym every 6-12 months to ensure you’re always moving forward and in the right direction. 

Aicha McKenzie – Founder of AMCK and BreatheByAMCK – amck.tv + breathebyamck.com

This is a no-BS, no-fluff, no-faffing-about 90-day coaching partnership with me, Coach Kym.

Boldness and bravery is required.

Here’s how consistent clients, predictable profit, and industry adoration will become your normal:

Two red-hot private coaching sessions with me every month (6 in total)

Stealth mode: ACTIVATED. Let’s figure out how to be 4 moves ahead while your competitors are still figuring out how to get onto the board. These are intense by design. You’ll hear what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear, in order to reach industry-leading status. We use a proven framework and everything is customised to your unique business, personality, and goals. You’ll be mind blown at what we can achieve in just one hour — and you get 6!

Personalised defiant action plans 

After every coaching call, you’ll have a tailor-made defiant action plan created. This will show you exactly what moves to make to get you closer to business and life you’ve been dreaming about. This will help you laser focus, stay in motion, and create a better relationship with discomfort. After all, you’re investing in growth, not comfort. 

My personal phone number

This is reserved for the lucky few! Private coaching provides you with the highest level of access to me. I’m the secret weapon in your back pocket, so whatever support you need between coaching sessions you can find in your phone. If you have an idea you want to run by me, a stumbling block you want help overcoming, or a strategic puzzle you want to brainstorm, I’m there for you. And I’m incredibly responsive.

Private access-anytime online portal

Everything we work on together will be beautifully stored in your own private online portal. Call recordings, planning sheets, action lists, and any additional resources I consider would be useful for you.

It’s time to consistently take the bold action that’s going to position you in an irresistible way so that “pinch me” clients can’t help but choose you, pay you exceptionally well, and refer you to everyone they know

You’ll be taking the action. I’ll be the strategic partner you consult with while doing so. The whole point is to build so much momentum that by the end of the 90 days you’re so IN LOVE with the business and future you’re building that you’ll be well on your way to being The Name on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s minds. AKA industry domination. 

When you double down on what works, 90 days is all it takes to go from occasionally wanted to wildly in-demand. 

Show up for coaching. Blow up your results.

“It’s like she sprinkles magic dust onto your business.”

Coach Kym is extraordinary. She taught me things I didn’t know about doing business in my industry, and I’ve been doing large-scale PR for over 18 years.

Coach Kym has a unique, empowering way about her. So whether you’re taking your first steps into this consultancy space or if you’ve been limping along trying to make it work, do yourself a huge favour and get started with Coach Kym today. It’s like she sprinkles magic dust onto your business. The return on investment is IMMENSE”.

Sam Brown – Sam Brown PR & The PR Mastercoach – theprmastercoach.com

Why invest in private coaching when you’ve already taken enough courses + programs to make your accountant’s eyeballs sweat?

Knowing the moves is completely different from making the moves. 

And making the moves is completely different from mastering them. 

I am going to make it as difficult as possible for you not to succeed. 

Let that sink in for a second. 

You’re driven to win, and I’m offering a fast-track to the top of the podium. Which, let’s face it, is exactly where you belong. And while I wholeheartedly believe you could get there on your own, you can get there a whole lot quicker with me by your side.

This is for a specific kind of person. One who makes defiant moves, no matter what. If you’re all the way down here and you can feel excitement fizzing in your stomach right now, you’re probably that kind of person.

My private coaching is intensive and immersive, which is why I only ever have a maximum of 6 places available.


You + me. 

90 days. 

$17K (Payment plans available.)

Lifetime ROI. 

You in?

Given the high-touch, exclusive nature of private coaching, it is by application only. Clicking this button will take you to your application page. I’m already pumped to read it! You can expect a response within 48 hours of application.

“Kym knows business, gets results and can meticulously tune in to your needs.”

I love Coach Kym’s no-nonsense approach and how she speaks with great clarity, direction and distinction.  I trust her implicitly, and she encourages me to speak openly and honestly during our time together, which was crucial in choosing a coach, as developing a business can be a personal journey too. 

Coach Kym goes above and beyond to support me, whether creating additional resources I need, talking me through a strategy to ensure I have absolute clarity, making suggestions, or being thoughtful and flexible. If you’re looking for a straight-talking yet supportive leader to guide you with confidence, seriously consider Coach Kym. Kym knows business, gets results and can meticulously tune in to your needs.

Sarafina Blass-Pierson – Founder of Studio Safeguarding – studiosafeguarding.com