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You’re already brilliant. Now it’s time to get bold.

You’re reading this because you’re a different breed of service-based business owner. 

One who’s looking for a revolutionary room to play bigger and bolder than ever before. 

A room where industry innovation and MESSY action is actively encouraged — because it creates the best compounded results. 

A room where challenges are eaten for breakfast, and defiant moves are made before dinner. Sometimes after 😉

You’re ready to stop thinking about what you want to do, and actually become the person who does it. Relentlessly. And with the support of an elite coach and ride-or-die society of support that you can’t seem to find anywhere else.

If you feel mildly intimidated by this idea… good. You’re in the perfect place.  

You were BORN to disrupt + dominate. Give me three months in the Defiant Mentorship, and I’ll prove it to you.

This one-of-a-kind mentorship experience is for the hungry ones who will do whatever it takes to win*

*But make it ethical.

You’re not new to this game. Your skillset is already FIRE, and you’re ambitious AF. it often feels like your body can’t keep up with the goals in your brain. You know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to become the force to be reckoned with in your industry… 

But it’s not happening yet. Here’s why:


You don’t have a problem selling your expertise… you have a problem selling yourself.

Conversations about “why you?” feel pushy and forced. Which means you’re downplaying the true value of your work and undercharging as a result.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll become a rockstar at selling your expertise and yourself in a way that feels exciting and authentic.

It’s the combination that allows you to position yourself as an industry leader, charge higher rates, and generate predictable recurring revenue.


You’re wearing too many hats. Unsurprisingly, the weight of them all means your vision is blurred.

Which makes it damn near impossible to make moves in the right direction and without constantly second-guessing yourself.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll become laser-focused on your next big, bold move.

The one that’s going to put you in front of the right clients at the right time and create evidence of excellence. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel fear, it means you prioritise courage. And courage always gets rewarded.


You’re letting yourself drown in self-doubt.

Instead of getting out there and causing a stir, you’re questioning whether you know enough, whether you’re good enough, and whether you’re going to fail.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll learn to trust in your existing brilliance and realise that failing is actually the fastest route to the top.

The more moves you make, the more failures you collect, the more confident you become, and the faster you win. If others are judging you on your journey? AWESOME. It means you’re embodying defiance and playing in a way others aren’t.


Straight up, you’re taking advice from the wrong people.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll tune into voices that will only encourage your growth.

You can love your friends and family… without taking business advice from them. (Unless they’re also in the arena!) Put yourself in the company of other business owners who can provide fast, reliable answers when you have questions, and strong, invigorating support when you face challenges. No “brave face” necessary.


You’re doom scrolling and comparing yourself to other seemingly successful business owners.

Naturally, this sends your mojo packing, any momentum you had stalls, and you don’t hit the targets you’ve set for yourself.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll put blinkers on and move in the direction of YOUR goals, no matter what other people are doing.

Instead of getting distracted, you’ll get disruptive. And that’s why you’ll get the results you deserve. Soon enough, your confidence will soar and others will be comparing themselves to you.


You’re resisting the inevitable dip that comes with doing something way outside your comfort zone.

The dip often includes intense financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual pressure, deafening silence apart from the inner voice telling you to stop, and an overwhelming feeling of being alone.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship (and beyond), you’ll know you’re never alone. And you’ll know that the dips teach you more about yourself and your business than you could ever pay for.

You’ll find a coping strategy that prepares you for anything you come up against on your climb and surround yourself with other pros who can remind you why the heck you’re putting yourself through the discomfort.


You’re letting fear — and the fear of those closest to you — make decisions for you so you don’t fail (or worse, fail publicly).

A surefire recipe for stagnation.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll trust yourself to make decisions even though you don't know the outcome.

You’ll know that every decision, no matter what happens as a result of it, teaches you the exact lessons you need to experience the success you dream of. You’ll cultivate a deep relationship with your inner voice, so it’s always louder than the voices of others. The words “but it might not work” will no longer exist in your vocabulary.


You’re always busy… but you’re not getting anything done.

Even though you know what defiant moves you want to take, you’re procrastinating actually taking them because .

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll practice defiance daily. You’ll understand it’s a verb and that busy work and excuses don’t create results.

DOING does. You’ll become a master of your time and focus first on activities that move the needle, even when you don’t really feel like it.


You want your stuff to be perfect before you put it out into the world.

Inside the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll take fast, messy, scrappy action because you know that perfect doesn’t exist and you can’t innovate and improve on the actions you don’t take.

You’ll trust yourself more than ever before, and the compound effect of just doing it puts you way ahead of the pack. Before you know it, you’re the person everybody wants to pay top dollar for. All because you SHOWED UP.

If some (or all!) of those sound a little tooooo familiar and you’re like,

Kym! HOW do I get into the Defiant Mentorship?

Come a little further underground with me…


is a one-of-a-kind program where you can make the big moves, the bold moves, the messy moves, the questionable moves, the scary moves, the disruptive moves, the am-I-really-about-to-do-this moves, with unwavering support.

When you’re accepted, you get access to:


This is a carefully curated collection of video training, business-building frameworks, essential resources and easy-to-follow exercises to ensure you're building a bulletproof defiant business, and you'll have access to all of it. Everything is designed to help you become someone who takes consistently bold steps in your industry. These are NOT exact step-by-step how-to strategies because this isn't about creating cookie-cutter businesses (or business owners). They ARE all tried and tested, so you don't have to figure out how; you just have to take action.


You are not in this alone. And this incredible community we call "The Boldroom" will prove it. As it’s application only, you can be sure that you’ll be surrounded only by service-based business owners who are also motivated to win and who are up for doing what it really takes. Need your fire sparked? Got a burning question? Need to vent for a minute? Want to celebrate making a defiant decision or taking defiant action? Come find your homies here.


These calls are gold in motion. Every month, I run a 2-hour coaching call with live hot seat coaching for selected Defiant Movers to work through a specific challenge. Everyone learns so much from these hot seats, even if their own business and challenges look different. These are monthly because I want you to focus more on showing up for your business than showing up for trainings. Everything you *need* to know in order to make defiant moves can be found in the Defiance Toolbox.


We take our word seriously in the Defiant Mentorship. If you say you’re going to do something… we want to know you did it. That’s why our weekly accountability system will help you set your focus at the start of the week and follow up at the end of the week. It’s mandatory because we are 100% devoted to your success here. And if you want success… you’ve got to show up and do what you say you will.


Yes, me! Private clients pay multiple thousands to be coached by me, but you still get direct access to me in the Boldroom. I’ll be active in the community, answering questions, providing personal guidance, and creating new systems, processes, and resources when requested. Also, I have jokes.


Yes, me! Private clients pay multiple thousands to be coached by me, but you still get direct access to me in the Boldroom. I’ll be active in the community, answering questions, providing personal guidance, and creating new systems, processes, and resources when requested. Also, I have jokes.


Who do you already need to be to apply for Defiant Mentorship?

A service-based professional

You’re a service-based business owner generating a maximum of $500k per year. There's no minimum income, but you're clear on the kind of business you want.

In it for the long game.

You’re a person with fierce ambition and the patience to see things through. You know fast results doesn’t mean overnight results, and lasting results take graft.

Not a dick.

You’re self-motivated, committed, respectful, responsive, willing to be coached/advised, competitive, and up for sharing your challenges so you can be supported through them.

Able to give to get in return

You want to be a part of a community, and you’re willing to give as much as you receive by sharing your experiences, ideas and recommendations (even if you’re new to the game!)

In it to keep on winnin’ it.

You’re on the path to greatness to gain a competitive edge. You know that a summit is really just the basecamp for the next mountain you’re going to climb.

Ready for squeaky-bum time

You understand that defiance is intentional and uncomfortable. You’re ready to think less, do more, and be active in your application of defiance.

Are you ready to make defiance part of your everyday success strategy?

The Defiant Mentorship takes place for a minimum of 90 days and is by application only.

The investment is three payments of $1120, or you can save by making a single payment of $2950.

If you wholeheartedly agree with the Defiant Moves Philosophy and are ready to make the pledge to be defiant in business, and in life, click the button below to start your application.






When you click any of the big buttons on this page, you’ll be taken to the Defiant Mentorship Application. It’s quick and simple and helps me ensure that the right people (the ones who are committed to becoming defiant and making moves) enter the Boldroom. 

Every application is read by me, Coach Kym. If successful, I’ll send you an email with a personalised video offering you a place on the Mentorship along with a payment link. You have 48 hours to accept — it’s action or nothing around here!

You agree to sign up for 3 months. After that, you can choose to continue in the Defiant Mentorship for another three months or explore other coaching opportunities with Coach Kym. 

Once payment is received, you’ll be automatically set up as a member in The Boldroom and emailed a username, password, and list of your next moves. 

Over to you, defiant one.
I cannot wait to read your application!


Good, ‘cause I got answers… 

You need to be running your own business (as opposed to working in somebody else’s), but you don’t have to be hugely experienced. You’ll likely be 1-2 years into your business and ready for some personal rocketfuel, or you’ve been in business for longer but have reached a frustrating plateau you want to find your way out of.

In The Defiant Mentorship, you’ll develop skills that will help you to become bold in business, so that you’re making decisions (and moves!) to guarantee a successful future for you and your business.

The Mentorship is currently 100% online, so you can access The Boldroom platform from anywhere at any time from pretty much any device! The once-monthly member coaching sessions are typically held on the final Wednesday of the month at 7pm UK / 2pm EST using Zoom video software.

Member sessions aren’t recorded. My goal is to create a space where you can speak and share freely, safe in the knowledge that whatever you say will only ever be heard by those in the room at the time. We will have call roundups available in the community so if you can’t make a session for the month, you’ll have access to a rundown of where the conversation went.  

Absolutely, though The Boldroom platform and Defiance Toolbox resources will only be available in English. Defiance coaching is universally applicable for professional service providers and works in every cultural context.

While I don’t teach or coach on specific sales and marketing strategies in the Defiant Mentorship, you’ll find comprehensive training on them over in The Defiant Strategy Library. Here in The Mentorship, I’ll help you to build unshakeable confidence in yourself, and become more bold, decisive, and direct in your business so you’re in complete control… which, 9.9 times out of 10, results in higher sales and more profit.

Hell yeah! Defiant Movers aren’t a particular personality type – introverts and extroverts alike can practice defiance in their daily business activities. What’s more important is your commitment to becoming a bolder business owner by being open and active during your Mentorship so that I can help you to create that kickass life.

The minimum time required in The Defiant Mentorship is 3 months. Becoming a disruptive and dominant force in your industry doesn’t happen overnight and getting clear on the powerful moves you need to make and how to make them based on who you are takes time to develop. This is an intensive program designed to get you results quickly, but if you’re in a difficult financial position and want a quick fix with minimum effort, this is not for you.

The number of members in The Defiant Mentorship is intentionally limited to a small number to allow you to get the attention you need and the society to remain focused, positive, and powerful.

Once you submit your application, it’ll be sent to me directly to read. Then, if I believe you’re a fantastic fit for The Defiant Mentorship, I’ll send you a personal offer of a place. 

After the offer has been sent, you’ll have 48 hours to accept and complete your sign-up, so keep an eye on your inbox after your apply!

If you don’t accept your offer of a place within 48 hours, it will be offered to the next suitable applicant.

Once you have completed the first three months, you can either fly the nest or enrol for another three months at a preferential rate. This is currently $800 per month, and you’ll keep this preferred rate for as long as you remain. New levels require new moves, and we’ll hone your skills even further with more time. There’s no limit to how long you stay — so long as you’re making the moves!

Absolutely! Click here to access my private calendar and book in a chat directly.

I want you to be confident about your decision to apply (even if you’re nervous about taking the leap) so you’ll be fully committed to your Defiant development.

We’ll be working towards making you a dominating force in your industry so you can be in complete control of your finances and your freedom in the next three months and beyond. During our chat, I’ll advise you on whether I feel this community is right for you based on where you are with your business and what you have planned for your future. And if you are, I’ll be delighted to have you as part of our society of magnificent Movers.