Managing The “Impostor Experience”

You know who doesn’t get impostor syndrome?…Actual Impostors. Go Figure. Ever get the feeling you shouldn’t be where you are? You know when you have a really good idea, decide to put on your big pants and pursue it, it goes really well, then all of a sudden, you feel like a total fraud, completely inadequate […]

I Took a Public Speaking Dive…and Didn’t Die.

Recently, I gave my first non-Zoom in-person talk in over three years. I’d consider myself an experienced speaker. I’ve hosted and presented live events for audiences of between 5 people and 50,000 people. I’m confident in my ability to talk to people I don’t know so I can help them to understand the things I […]

You are FIRED.

We’re Letting You Go. Heard that one recently?  Maybe it’s been paired with “sorry, it’s budget cuts/COVID/Brexit/Gas prices/*insert unhelpful buck-passing reason here*.”  Whatever it is, it’s a shame, but it’s probably gonna be the making of you – and I wish someone would have told me this 20 years ago.  I’ve held an extraordinarily high […]

Outshine your competition in business by being different – not better.

In 2011 BC (Before Coaching,) I accidentally launched an award-winning creative agency and promptly (and painfully) stumbled across an industry secret many hadn’t discovered. Various “gurus” talk about it. They say: If you want to be in the top 1%, you need to do things differently from the other 99%. I don’t know who said […]